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Partner associations of IWCEA Europe Our association has always got a larger view and is strongly placed in a European Project. We have been associated with other European groups under a big European association named IWCEA Europe (International Wire & Cable Exhibitors Association). This association that is composed of IWCEA France, VÖDKM (Austria) and VDKM (Germany) is an important partner for the Exhibitions organisers.

Other Associations We also work and exchange with the other associations : American (WAI), Italian (ACIMAF), English (IWMA), etc.

Exhibition organiser Our major relationship and partnership is Messe Düsseldorf, strong organiser of exhibitions Worldwide. Messe Düsseldorf listens the various associations requests and accepts them when possible. Messe Düsseldorf organises the large Wire Düsseldorf show, but also smaller exhibitions like Wire China (Shanghai), Wire Russia (Moscow) or Wire South East Asia (Bangkok). We thank Messe Düsseldorf for authorizing IWCEA France to use its products codes for our Web site

French Support For these various exhibitions we regularly obtain UBI France support by organising French pavilions. Thanks to these pavilions, our members are gathered, they are more recognizable and they get a focussed promortion with many other services.

Magasines and Web sites And then, our association has always been supported by many magazines and Web sites specialised in our Industry : Eurowire, Wire & Cable Asia, Wire & Cable technology, Wire Journal, Wire World, Wire First, etc. These various media are always ready to communicate on our members, and on our association to extend even more our notoriety

Headquarter : IWCEA France - c/o Conductix - 30 avenue Brillat Savarin - 01300 Belley, France - Tel : +33 (0)6 20 20 17 80 – Fax : +33 (0)4 79 42 50 05
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